Monarchs of Aotearoa Storytime Sessions


Are you interested in having author Erin Willson visit your library, school, ECE or Te Kōhanga Reo?  

"We welcomed Erin Willson for a school holiday session at Awapuni Library in October 2022. Our community enjoyed hearing Erin's book, Monarchs of Aotearoa, and learning about the lifecycle of these creatures. Erin presented a captivating session - incorporating models, audience involvement via Q&As, and ending with a planting activity, where each participant was able to take home a swan plant seedling.

We were very impressed by her knowledge and delivery. Preschoolers, primary aged children and adults all enjoyed her content and learnt something new. Erin made the whole process easy - she came prepared with all equipment and was easy to contact when arranging the session.

I would happily recommend Erin as a great entertainer to libraries, schools and early childhood centres" 

- Laura Clifford (Awapuni Community Librarian)
 Erin has a Masters degree in Animal Science, and loves exploring nature with her 3 young children.  She runs sessions for children all over New Zealand.  Typically the first visit to a new location consists of a Storytime and Seed session, where each child sows and goes home with their own swan plant.   Follow on sessions include creating Monarch Butterfly enclosures and Monarch Butterfly feeders. 
All of Erin's sessions are packed with age appropriate information about how our native Monarch butterflies came to be in New Zealand, Monarch Butterfly life cycles, their backyard friends and foes and what we can all do to help them out. 
The sessions are aimed to make children wonder about the magic that is happening in backyards across Aotearoa.  Get in touch at with any questions about pricing and availability.