Title page of the Monarchs of Aotearoa

The book is here.

I actually can't believe it, it has been a long time coming. The Monarchs of Aotearoa literally turned up on our doorstep 7 years ago, and that is when I began to wonder.  How did the get here? Do they migrate? How did their food get here?  Where do they go in the winter?  Are they native to NZ?  

The Monarch butterflies I saw growing up in America were typically part of the great Monarch migration from Mexico to Canada (and back!).   So I wondered how the Monarchs of Aotearoa got so far off course.   The truth is, we don't exactly know how they got here.   Scientists used their knowledge to have some good guesses, all the unknowns and mysteries of the Monarchs of Aotearoa are something we can wonder about together.   

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